Crafts for Grown-ups On the Go dates and kit themes are listed starting with January 2022. Instructions will be uploaded when kits are released.  Kits are released on the first Monday of the month at 6 pm (if there is a holiday, the pickup is pushed to the next day Tuesday) and the third Wednesday of the month at 10 am.  Please review our guidelines for this program.  2022 dates with links to instructions are listed below.
Monday, January 3rd - Pine Cone Snowy Owl
Wednesday, January 19th - Whipped Hot Chocolate
Monday, February 7th - DIY Valentine Gnome
Wednesday, February 16th - Ribbon Bookmark
Wednesday, March 16th - Book Page Bunny
Wednesday, March 30th (Funded by a grant from UW-Madison) - Indian Cooking Kit: Butter Chicken Recipe 
Monday, April 4th - Carrot Clothespin Art
Wednesday, April 20th - Bottle Cap Flowers
Monday, May 2 - DIY Toilet Paper Wreath
Wednesday, May 18 - French Flower Pot
Monday, June 6th - Wood Block Magnet
Wednesday, June 15th - DIY Literary Mocktails
TUESDAY, July 5th - Ramen Recipe Kit
Wednesday, July 20th - Waldorf Window Stars
Monday, August 1st - Button Cardinal Art
Wednesday, August 17 - Paper Desk Calendar
TUESDAY, September 6th - Yarn Pumpkins
Wednesday, September 21st - Wood Block Pumpkin
Monday, October 3rd - Mummy Mason Jars
Wednesday, October 19th - Wine Cork Bats
Monday, November 7th - Paper Bag Stars
Wednesday, November 16th - Wine Cork Owls
Monday, December 5th - Ping Pong Snowman
Wednesday, December 21 - Cinnamon Stick Votive
2021 Kits
Monday, January 4th - DIY Art Canvas
Wednesday, January 20th - Wine Cork Bud Vase
Monday, February 1st - Heart String Art & Template for Heart
Wednesday, February 17th - DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs
Wednesday, March 17th - Origami Flowers
Monday, April 5th -  Carrot Top Mason Jar
Friday, April 9th BONUS KIT - Paper Bird Magnet  
Wednesday, April 21st - Easy Handmade Suncatcher
Monday, May 5th - Duct Tape Zip Lock Bags
Wednesday, May 19th - Scrabble Tile Coaster
Monday, June 7th - Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder
Wednesday, June 23rd - Paper Umbrella Wreath
TUESDAY, July 6th between 10 am - 6 pm - Tissue Paper Vase
Wednesday, July 21st - Relax and Unwind
Monday, August 2nd - Paper Pinwheel Wreath
Wednesday, August 18th - Wooden Clothespin Trivet
TUESDAY, September 7th at 6 pm - Scarecrow Mason Jar
Wednesday, September 22nd - Yarn Pumpkin Garland
Monday, October 4th - Wood Block Lantern
Wednesday, October 20th - Pumpkin Terracotta Pot
Monday, November 1st - Mini Gourd Turkeys
Wednesday, November 17th - Glittered Acorn Art
Monday, December 6th - Wine Cork Snowman
Wednesday, December 22nd - DIY Clothespin Snowflakes