As of January 2024, please note the following changes to our Crafts for Grownups program:
  1. Kits will be available once per month on the first Monday of the month at 6 P.M.
  2. Kits will be available on a first come, first serve basis.
  3. Kits are limited to 2 per person, for adults 18+ only.
  4. Kits must be checked out on a library card in good standing at the circulation desk for a 14-day check out. Kits may only be checked out on a library card of a patron 18+.
  5. The bag for the kit must be returned inside the library to a staff member at the circulation desk. Patrons my keep the craft, even if they have not completed it within the check-out time frame. Only the bag needs to be returned.  
2024 Kits
Tuesday, January 2nd - Map Coaster 
Monday, February 5th - Kitchen Decor 
Monday, March 4th -  Tea Candle
Monday, April 1st - Suncatcher
Monday, May 6th - Forever Flowers
Monday, June 3rd - Salty Painting
Monday, July 1st - Blackout Poetry
Monday, August 5th - Book of Secrets
Monday, September 2nd - Origami House Plant
Monday, October 7th - A Book-ish Pumpkin
2023 Kits
Tuesday, January 3rd - Decoupage Winter Sign 
Monday, February 6th - DIY Watercolor Print
Monday, March 6th - Felt Bird Bookmark
Monday, April 3rd - Pipe Cleaner Bunny
Monday, May 8th - Mini Art Show  
Monday, June 5 - Cinnamon Sugar Chex Mix
Monday, July 3 - S'more Parfait
Monday, August 7 - Book Page Wreath
Monday, September 11 - Rustic Star
Monday, October 2 - Frankenstein Wood Blocks
Monday, November 6 - Jenga Block Pumpkin
Monday, December - Snowman Gnome
2022 Kits
Monday, January 3rd - Pine Cone Snowy Owl
Wednesday, January 19th - Whipped Hot Chocolate
Monday, February 7th - DIY Valentine Gnome
Wednesday, February 16th - Ribbon Bookmark
Wednesday, March 16th - Book Page Bunny
Wednesday, March 30th (Funded by a grant from UW-Madison) - Indian Cooking Kit: Butter Chicken Recipe 
Monday, April 4th - Carrot Clothespin Art
Wednesday, April 20th - Bottle Cap Flowers
Monday, May 2 - DIY Toilet Paper Wreath
Wednesday, May 18 - French Flower Pot
Monday, June 6th - Wood Block Magnet
Wednesday, June 15th - DIY Literary Mocktails
TUESDAY, July 5th - Ramen Recipe Kit
Wednesday, July 20th - Waldorf Window Stars
Monday, August 1st - Button Cardinal Art
Wednesday, August 17 - Paper Desk Calendar
TUESDAY, September 6th - Yarn Pumpkins
Wednesday, September 21st - Wood Block Pumpkin
Monday, October 3rd - Mummy Mason Jars
Wednesday, October 19th - Wine Cork Bats
Monday, November 7th - Paper Bag Stars
Wednesday, November 16th - Wine Cork Owls
Monday, December 5th - Ping Pong Snowman
Wednesday, December 21 - Cinnamon Stick Votive
2021 Kits
Monday, January 4th - DIY Art Canvas
Wednesday, January 20th - Wine Cork Bud Vase
Monday, February 1st - Heart String Art & Template for Heart
Wednesday, February 17th - DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs
Wednesday, March 17th - Origami Flowers
Monday, April 5th -  Carrot Top Mason Jar
Friday, April 9th BONUS KIT - Paper Bird Magnet  
Wednesday, April 21st - Easy Handmade Suncatcher
Monday, May 5th - Duct Tape Zip Lock Bags
Wednesday, May 19th - Scrabble Tile Coaster
Monday, June 7th - Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder
Wednesday, June 23rd - Paper Umbrella Wreath
TUESDAY, July 6th between 10 am - 6 pm - Tissue Paper Vase
Wednesday, July 21st - Relax and Unwind
Monday, August 2nd - Paper Pinwheel Wreath
Wednesday, August 18th - Wooden Clothespin Trivet
TUESDAY, September 7th at 6 pm - Scarecrow Mason Jar
Wednesday, September 22nd - Yarn Pumpkin Garland
Monday, October 4th - Wood Block Lantern
Wednesday, October 20th - Pumpkin Terracotta Pot
Monday, November 1st - Mini Gourd Turkeys
Wednesday, November 17th - Glittered Acorn Art
Monday, December 6th - Wine Cork Snowman
Wednesday, December 22nd - DIY Clothespin Snowflakes