Hartford History Room

Hours and Location

As of October 1, 2022, a Jack Russell Memorial Library staff member is available on Thursday evenings from 3 PM - 8 PM for in-person assistance in addition to volunteer availability.  While appointments are not required, visitors are asked to call ahead of time to make sure either library staff or volunteers will be available to assist.  The library is working to add additional staffed hours during the day before the end of 2022.  Please check back for the day and times.
Thursdays 3 PM - 8 PM
All other days by appointment. 

The History Room is located on the second floor of the
Jack Russell Memorial Library.
100 Park Avenue
Hartford Wisconsin 53027

For email inquiries please reach out to hartfordpl (at) hartfordlibrary.org 
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The Hartford History Room is located on the second floor of the Jack Russell Memorial Library. It is staffed primarily by individual volunteers, not by genealogical, historical societies, or other organizations. The History Room staff will gladly assist researchers.

There are no fees for using History Room resources other than for copies and /or postage.  Donations are accepted to help offset costs.  Please contact a library staff member for more details on how you can donate.

Visitors are encouraged to work on their own research, as others doing your research might not recognize allied surnames, variant spellings, or other research challenges.

Queries via mail and email: "Limited" research unless other arrangements are made. Please do not include an envelope.

Genealogies, family info, photos, etc., (originals or copies) are welcome donations.  Monetary donations are welcome.  Please reach out to the Library Director at 262-673-8240 for details on how to donate. 

History Room Resources
  • Church and Cemetery records
  • Family Files, Obituaries
  • Family, Business, Building, and Organization Histories
  • Newspapers and Plat Books
  • Postcards and Photographs
  • Washington County 1892 Plat Index
  • Dodge, Jefferson, and Washington County Naturalizations
  • Dodge County Pioneer Obituaries (translated German obits)
  • Newspaper Indexes
  • Dodge County Plat Indexes
  • Township History books
  • War records - Civil War/WWII
  • General and German research aids
  • Germany maps prior to 1890
  • Germans to America CDs
  • Surname Exchange
  • Ship lists
  • Photobook of ships
  • Ports of entry  - CDs
  • "Kit" house information and books

On-going Projects

  • Updating family files
  • Copying, clipping, and filing area past and current newspapers
  • Translating and indexing obituaries from the Dodge County Pioneer covering Dodge and Washington Counties and other parts of Wisconsin.

Books Available for Purchase

  • The Heritage of Hartford Commemorating the Centennial Celebration of Hartford, WI 1883-1983 - Copies available for purchase on the first of the library at the circulation desk, cost $12.  
  • Hartford Happenings 1983 - 1998:  A supplement to the Heritage of Hartford History Book on the first 100 years - Copies available for purchase on the first floor of the library at the circulation desk, cost $2.


  • Washington County Naturalizations (index available)
  • Dodge County Naturalizations (index for final papers only)
  • 1790 - 1930 Dodge and Washington County Federal and State Census
  • Hartford newspapers (Hartford Times Press)
  • Washington County Republican
  • Slinger Botschafter

Library Genealogical Resources

  • Genealogical section
  • Wisconsin section
  • Genealogical reference section

Pre -1907 Wisconsin Vital Records
Complete set of books covering the "missing" marriages for 21 Wisconsin counties