Welcome to “The Library Thingery”–a lending library of things. The Thingery at Jack Russell Meomorial is an assortment of equipment and board games for our community to check out.  The collection provides diverse opportunities for lifelong learning, creativity, and engagement by providing the physical tools necessary to explore new areas of interest and learn new skills.
Borrowing Guidelines for The Library Thingery
  • 14-day checkout period with two(2) renewals, as long as no one else is waiting.
  • Checkout to cardholders age 18+, due to cost.
  • Thingery items are holdable for pickup in Hartford only. Due to the size, number of pieces, and cost of items, they cannot be transferred through delivery.
  • Thingery Things must be returned to the circulation desk, inside the library. They will not fit through the indoor and/or outdoor book drop.
  • A complete list of board games is available here and equipment can be found here. To find out if a board game or piece of equipment is available, please search the title in the Monarch Catalog or call the library at 262-672-8240 and select '0' to be connected with a staff member.
  • Two items from the Thingery, per card at a time.