Library Outreach Services  


Library services for the Independent, Homebound &Special Needs Residents of Washington County.  


Who can benefit from Washington County Library Outreach Services? 


Service to Independent Facilities and Programs  

  • The Library Outreach Program provides library services at independent living facilities and programs throughout Washington County.  
  • Patrons apply for an Outreach Library Card. Monthly routine visits are made where patrons can browse material or make requests for specific items.  
  • The Library Outreach Program strives to make access to the library easier by bringing the library to the patrons.  



Service to Assisted Care Facilities 

  • We offer these same services to people who reside in assisted living residences 
  • The Outreach Librarian also works with activity directors and therapists to provide library services for their clients. We also have Bi-Folkal Kits that contain audiovisual and sensory materials on many different reminiscing topics as well as trivia and many other resources for activity programming 



Service to Homebound Patrons  

  • If you are unable to visit the library because of physical limits or special needs, the library will deliver materials to you. We will also set up temporary service if you need assistance during an illness or injury.  
  • Click here to view the Homebound Delivery policies  
  • Click here to view, download, and/or print the application for Homebound Delivery services.


 We have books, magazines, fiction, and non-fiction books in addition to a vast selection of Large Print materials--- audio books, current entertainment music and videos as well as musicals and classics


Who Qualifies?
Residents of:  

City of Hartford 

City of West Bend  

Village of Germantown  

Village of Kewaskum 

And areas of Washington County without a library