Youth Summer Learning Challenge

Our Youth Summer Learning Challenge starts June 1 and runs until July 25. This year's theme is, "Imagine Your Story." Reading sparks our imagination and takes us to new places. We can't wait to spend a summer focusing on the word of imagination while kids read, discover, and create!
Due to concerns of COVID-19, our program will look a little different this year. However, our Youth staff has worked hard to reconstruct a fun program that will ensure the safety of all. Links for sign-up are posted below along with instruction videos and more information about the program.

To Sign Up Visit:
      *This will be your online Summer Learning Challenge portal where you will log your reading and missions. 

How it Works:
The Summer Learning Challenge is for youth birth to 18 years old. The program allows youth to track their reading and complete missions throughout the summer. Reading is anything they read! This can be graphic novels, audiobooks, nonfiction, and magazines. Missions are activities they will be able to find in their online portal (available to access Monday, June 1). They then receive points for the reading and missions they do. These points can be used to purchase raffle tickets for prizes!
Need a print copy to help keep track of your reading throughout the month? Children and teens can print off our July calendar to help with their logging throughout the summer. Then, they can log onto their online Summer Learning Challenge portal at to log their reading.

Instructional Videos:
Below are some quick instructional videos to help you navigate your online Summer Learning Challenge Portal.
If you have additional questions, pleace call 262-673-8240 and hit 3 for the Youth Desk.


Prize Drawings:
Each age group has their own prize drawing and prizes. Children and teens will earn points for the minutes they read and the missions they complete throughout the summer. These points can then be cashed in for raffle tickets that are put toward prizes. Children have control over what prizes they want to put raffle tickets toward! Children can see the list of prizes and cash in their points for raffle tickets through their online Summer Learning Challenge portal. Below are the dates for the prize drawings for each age group.
  • Little Learners (Birth-23 months):
    • July 25
  • Junior Learners (2 years old to Kindergarten):
    • June 20
    • July 11
    • July 25
  • School Age Learners (1st to 5th Grade):
    • June 20
    • July 11
    • July 25
  • Teen Learners (6th-12th Grade):
    • June 27
    • July 25

Summer Learning Challenge Sponsors
The Summer Learning Challenge is sponsored by donations from business and organizations. Without their generosity, we would not be able to offer the variety of fun activities and give away some of the awesome prizes that we do!

 Thank you to the following business and organizations:
  • American Girl
  • Cave of the Mounds
  • Corinne Malone State Farm
  • Cousins Subs (Hartford)
  • Friends of the Hartford Library
  • Hartford Community Service Inc. (Organization that puts on Terror on Rural Street)
  • Hartford Rec. Department
  • Lakeshore Chinooks
  • Milwaukee Public Museum
  • Scoop DeVille
  • Texas Roadhouse