Teachers & Educators

The Youth Department strives to connect with local schools, daycares, and other Youth organizations. Whether school visits, library field trips, or another collaboration, the library can assist in supporting your classroom needs.

Teacher Cards:
Teacher cards are special library cards issued just for educators. This is a separate card from a teacher’s personal library card and can only be used for curriculum related items. Teacher cards can be obtained at the Youth Desk. Please bring proof of employment (School ID, Paystub, etc.) when applying for a card. For full Teacher card details, please see our Teacher Card Brochure.

The Library & Your Classroom:
All field trips, class visits, and other programs with the Youth Department must be scheduled through the Youth Servicces Librarian, Greta. Please call 262-673-8240 to speak with her and start planning your school/library collaboration today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Can I get library cards for all my students?
A: Yes, but it must be in conjunction with a classroom visit, library visit, or other school/JRML collaboration. The process is as follows:

  1. A classroom visit, library visit, or other JRML collaboration is set up with the Youth Services Librarian, Greta. The intention of receiving library cards for your students must be made clear when setting up this visit. Depending on the size of your classroom, staff needs at least 3-4 weeks’ notice.

  2. The Youth Department compiles a packet that must be handed out to each of your students. The packet will include a letter to parents detailing when you are visiting, what is required of them when filling out the library card application, and other pertinent library information. The letter will also include a date the library card application MUST be returned to their child’s teacher for their child to obtain a library card at the visit. The packet will also include a sample of a completed library card application as well as a blank library card application for them to fill out. A spot for parents to mark if their child already has a library card will be in the packet too. Students who already possess library cards will be given a bookmark with their name on it when they come to visit.

  3. Once the Youth Department has compiled the packets, Greta will drop them off at your school or you can pick them up at the Youth Services Desk at the library.

  4. It is then the teacher’s responsibility to disperse the materials to the students and collect the completed applications. It is also the teacher’s responsibility to make sure all the completed applications are either dropped off to Greta at the library or in the school office for Greta to pick up. In either situation, Greta will arrange a specific date all the library card applications must be back to her. The preselected date allows Library staff to ensure they have enough time to issue the cards for the class visit. Please note, no library card applications will be accepted or processed on the day of the class visit.
*Due to library policy, under no circumstances will a child be issued a card with the following situations:

  • If the library card application isn’t filled out completely.
  • If the child already has a library card.
  • If their parents/legal guardians have significant fines.

Q: Can the library bring materials to my school for my students to check out?
A: Currently, checkout of JRML materials at places outside of the library is not available. However, the Youth Services Department can bring materials to your classroom to show students what the library offers. Students will just have to visit the libraries with their families to check anything out.

Q: Does my class have to be a certain size to have a library visit or specialty program?
A: No, the Youth Services Department will work with any size group. In the past, we’ve worked with groups as small as 4 kids and groups as large as 100 kids. Your visit will be customized around the size of your group.

Q: If I’m looking to get multiple copies of an item, how long will it take?
A: Using your teacher card, library staff can request up to 10 copies of a single item for you to use in your classroom. While the JRML might have a few multiple copies of some items, we don’t carry large quantities of a single title so we would have to reach out to the other libraries in the Monarch Library System to request copies from them. While the Monarch delivery service does drop off items every day at the library, items can come from anywhere in Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Washington, or Dodge county. Since some of the libraries are further away it can take up to a week (sometimes longer with a holiday) for items to arrive at our library and be ready for you to pick up.

updated 1/18/24